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The Art Business Academy helped me learn everything about the business side of being an artist. From pricing to portfolio, Jason showed me step by step, how to pull together what is needed for a very professional application for gallery representation. I’m thrilled to say, that I am now represented by three different galleries, in three states! I’m extremely grateful that I participated in the Art Business Academy!


Carol Iglesias
Artist, Virginia


“I had read Jason’s excellent book ‘From Starving to Successful’ several times. I had done all the exercises and liked the idea of doing it again with accessibility to Jason for feedback on my personal work. I also learn a lot from other artists, and I liked the idea of the on-line ‘go at your own pace’ guidelines.

Even though I have a BFA in painting and have been in several galleries over the years, there has not been one lesson where I did not learn something new. It has pushed me to answer questions about my art, and to formulate answers that have made me a better artist at telling my story and at marketing.

When I wrote my biography and artist’s statement I went through some older printed pieces, things I had written and things written about me. I interviewed collectors and friends and asked them, ‘Why are you attracted to my work?’ ‘How does it make you feel?’ Which were questions guided by Jason’s superb on-line webinars. The process of formulating words to describe myself and my work brought out another layer in my work, I feel more connected to it, and I get feedback from collectors and friends that my work continues to improve.

Approaching galleries has always been the Achilles heal in my professional career. I really had a hard time and so far during the course I have been accepted in two very nice galleries, one in Santa Fe, NM and one in Richmond, VA.

Rewriting my Biography, Artist Statement and Resume was an excellent experience for me too. I got a lot from Jason’s feedback, and the end result is something I’m proud to share with collectors and galleries. I have gotten terrific feedback about it too.

Learning how to work with galleries, once you are in them, has been fascinating and helpful. I have shared some ideas with one of the gallery owners and she has benefited too!

I have always been an organized and committed person, but the course improved my skills in both those areas too.

I have tremendously valued Jason’s personal input. I had a problematic situation with a new gallery and I emailed Jason, and he replied right away with an excellent solution. I followed through with his advice and it was exactly the right thing to do and the relationship was salvaged.

I have recommended the Art Business Academy to several people. I also recommend his book, ‘From Starving to Successful’ as a good intro. The class is so much more than the book, reading the book does not replace taking the course, but it is an excellent preview of his expertise and what is to come.

I have learned so many great tips in addition to the big ticket items, Jason recommended time management apps, organizational ideas and so many little things that have made my art career more professional. Best of all I feel so much more confident in my approach to everything about my art career.”

Cathy Carey
Artist, California


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I was lucky. I came across the RedDot Blog and soon followed up on some of its wise advice. First I ordered Jason’s book about thriving as an artist. I then began to think more seriously about joining the Art Business Academy when I read the testimonials. I made the big leap and joined. It has been one of the most significant decisions of my art life.

I was trained as an academic. Art, artist’s statements, aesthetic attitudes were geared towards crashing through to stardom, like a Damien Hirst or Jeff Koons.  Honestly, although I intellectually have understood what museums were doing in their contemporary choices of buying and showing new art, I did not want to–nor was I driven to–make art out of a messianic need to wake the public up to social injustices, shame, and despair. I truly believe the news does that job very well. I loved beauty. In the Art Business Academy, I finally found a community that loved and valued beauty as a main focus for creating art .

The art lessons are a commitment of time and income, but is time and money well spent. After about a year of participating in the Art Business Academy lessons, I now have my work in two galleries in different states, and two other galleries still in correspondence. It’s an on-going commitment, never stopping to say “whew” now it’s the gallery’s job. That’s not true, as you’ll find out. It’s a relationship and like all relationships, it takes effort on both sides.  I have learned so much and become more confident. I have gained valuable information from attending our online sessions and from listening to other artists. Jason Horejs is unflaggingly generous in his time, his advice, and his sincere desire to see more artists succeed, just like his Dad has.

Thank you so much , Jason!

Caroline Garrett Hardy

Artist, Virginia

As a coach, consultant, and marketer myself, I’m picky about who I work with. There’s a lot of fluff out there, and I’m a fan of practical application that actually works. I found this with Jason’s Art Business Academy. There’s a lot of meat on the bones in this program.

Even though I owned a marketing firm with offices in three states for over 25 years, have coached and consulted with a multitude of business owners, both small and large, and really know my way around sales and marketing, there’s a mysterious fog that comes over me when it comes to marketing something as personal as my own art. Another coach once described it this way (and you can steal this Jason): “Even the sharpest knife can’t carve its own handle.” I love that because it lets me off the hook — I can still be sharp and help others, but it’s difficult, if not impossible, to work on yourself. Probably because we all judge ourselves so harshly, and can’t really “see” inside our own businesses. It takes an outsider with the knowledge, experience, and perspective — as well as an understanding of how to communicate to artists — to guide us through this art market maze. At least that’s how I see it. And that’s how I see the Art Business Academy.

So many of the lessons in the Art Business Academy give me deja vu moments, where I want to slap my forehead and say, “Marcia, you know this, why aren’t you applying it?” This only serves to increase my confidence in Jason’s teaching — he knows tried and true, time-tested and reliable sales and marketing methods, and how they apply to the art market. It’s that last part that I was missing — “how they apply to the art market.” He is also the antithesis of an art snob, thank goodness, delivering his guidance without pretense or holding anything back. It’s like talking to your neighbor over the back fence — you get the straight scoop.

I was pretty psyched to get through all of the preparatory lessons discussed in other testimonials — the portfolio, bio, resume, all very necessary and helpful — so I could get to pitching galleries. As luck would have it, my timing could not have been worse, as I did my first round of proposals at the start of March of 2020, right when the entire world shut down with Covid19. Jason recommended to hold off for a bit, and I did, and then resumed my pitches — email only — in May. Even though this could still be the worst possible time ever to be approaching galleries (many have closed their doors entirely, or have stopped looking at new work), three months later, I have managed to secure one solid gallery (and they have already made a sale for me!) and have had promising discussions with several others. I felt very prepared for these conversations as I knew what to say! I know for sure this would not have happened without my involvement with the Art Business Academy. I will soldier on and feel confident in securing more galleries as I move forward — amazing how this program grows your confidence!

I like the pace of the individual lessons. I like the Friday Zoom calls, and the fact that I can watch recordings if I can’t make them live. The participation of the other artists is invaluable. I like being able to email Jason with questions. The entire process is inspiring and motivating. And, it’s just plain fun. If marketing your own work, or making sense of your own business seems difficult to you, it just may be that you’re a sharp knife who can’t carve your own handle. In that case I recommend you stop struggling and join us!

Marcia Hoeck
Artist, San Diego, CA


If you are an artist who is serious about selling your artwork, I wholeheartedly recommend you sign up and attend the Art Business Academy.

I had followed Jason’s Red Dot Blog for several months, and found it provided extremely valuable content for me as an artist. One day, I received an email about a one-day online seminar, and immediately signed up. To say it was an eye-opener is an understatement. In just a few hours, I gained valuable insight and knowledge into some of the things I needed to do to be more successful in selling my paintings.

So I signed up for the Art Business Academy. I took Jason’s advice and worked through the first several lessons before approaching any galleries, and am so glad I did. The hands-on experience and one-on-one communication he provides are second to none.

Once he and I determined I was ready, I approached 11 local galleries. I was apprehensive, to say the least, but the lessons I learned in the Academy helped me overcome my trepidation. So far, I’ve received responses from four; I have met with two of them to discuss representation; one has shown my work to their clients, and another has sold some of my work during a “trial” representation and now wants to represent me. Just this past week, I received a call from a third that is interested in representing me, as well. It’s quite possible I may be in the position of having a choice of local representation among three very prestigious galleries.

I haven’t even started approaching out-of-town galleries yet, but I now have the confidence that I will be successful in finding other representation, as well.

None of this would have been possible without the incredible help of Jason and the Art Business Academy. I simply did not have the knowledge of what was needed to successfully seek gallery representation. Now, not only am I going to have that representation, but I also have a well-organized business with an inventory control system (ArtSala, developed by Xanadu Gallery), up-to-date marketing materials, and a professional-looking website. I can confidently approach any gallery now, and immediately have everything they may want at my fingertips.

The Art Business Academy is the best investment I’ve ever made in my art career, and the results speak for themselves. Thank, you Jason!

Ken Wilson
Artist, Missouri

Postscript: My meeting with the third gallery was in a word, incredible. The gallery owner and I just sort of clicked right off the bat. Her gallery is beautiful, and it really reflects her energy and personality, with bright colors, an array of paintings, sculptures, and artisan-crafted jewelry. She offered me representation on the spot. A one-year exclusive in the area, a private show in September, a feature on my work in a local magazine. I signed that day and she wanted me to leave all 10 pieces with her.

You’re going to love this next part. She asked if I could write a little description of each piece. I took out my ipad and emailed her an artwork statement for each that I had done as a direct result of the ABA. We talked about pricing, and I showed her my spreadsheet of “comps” and my pricing matrix, all supported by actual data. She asked about my inventory. I showed her my inventory tracking on ArtSala. She told me that in all her years, she’s never worked with an artist who had the business end so well organized. How do I ever thank you enough for that? And I’ve only progressed through Lesson 12 so far!

I joined the Art Business Academy after following Red Dot Blog for a year. It seemed the topics being discussed in the blog were the very questions I was asking, and I knew I had a lot to learn about the business side of being an artist. The Academy helped me organize my time, my records, and learn how to present my work in a professional way. It also helped me clarify for myself what I do and why I do it in a way that I could then confidently speak about my work to other people. I really liked the “go at your own pace” structure because I was also working a job. The feedback from Jason after each lesson was invaluable and I was able to get any question answered specifically to my own situation! Six months after completing the academy I found representation with a terrific gallery! It’s been four months and I’m working to build my body of work further in order to seek a second gallery. Jason Is still making himself available by offering to answer any questions that come up when pursuing another gallery. I highly recommend the Art Business Academy for any artist who wishes to take their art to the next level.

Laurie Barmore
Artist, California

I have been passionate about my art for as long as I could remember. Getting advice from artist mentors and professional friends was very helpful over the years in working on my style and body of work, but the Art Business Academy is advice and so much more from a successful gallery owner, which is a very different side of the art world. Jason personally goes through your art business step by step with you. Thorough lessons on everything from consistency and quality of work, pricing, inventory tracking, and gallery contacting and much much more. I thought I was ready before this course, but now with the personal help from Jason I AM ready. I used to get short, dismissive rejections, or no response at all. With Jason’s help, even my rejections are more professional- I think that is because my communications and materials are polished and professional. Also, it’s not all rejection any more, I am getting more yesses and have gotten into my first gallery. This course has helped me understand the gallery process better, and that rejections are part of it. I have the confidence in my work in my materials now to not let that stop me. Thanks to this course, I am having my most successful year yet, even during a global pandemic. Thanks Jason for taking me from dreaming about being a professional artist, to giving me actionable steps to take towards my goal, which is now closer than ever.

Annie Guldberg
Artist, Iowa

I have been a professional artist based in Jackson, Wyoming for 43 years. And I have found the profession of art difficult. In the past year, after listening to several of Jason Horejs’ Reddot blogs and taking one of his webinars, I decided to enroll in his Art Business Academy. In every one of the course lessons, I have found re-affirmation for much of what my experience has taught me. Having said that, I must admit that I have also learned something new from every lesson. I have updated my website, portfolio, bio and resume. I have also learned the most professional way to approach a gallery (from a gallery owner). His Artsala app was also a great benefit for organizing my inventory and sales. I definitely recommend this course to anyone seeking to sell more art and especially to those emerging artists looking to find gallery representation. Thanks Jason!

Dave McNally
Artist, Wyoming

I never stopped making art during my 30 years teaching college level art courses. I felt lucky helping others find their creative spark and learn the skills of drawing and painting and tune into the magic of how the elements of composition can be manipulated to glue a picture together, blow it apart, or anything else in between.

Besides teaching and making my own art, I was exhibiting nation-wide in non-profit venues, such as small regional art museums, art centers and university galleries. Still, I wanted to be a full-time commercially successful artist.

There are quite a few sensitive, honest, caring, good intentioned, art educated and art-world knowledgeable consultants available to any artist searching the Internet. I know because I tried more of them than I like to admit. And, in fairness, I learned something from each one I worked with, but more commercial sales eluded me.

One of the first ways that Jason impressed me was his interest in art history and in particular Abstract Expressionism. He reads and recommends books that I’ve either already read or I put immediately on my reading list. I also read his memoir about his extraordinary upbringing in a family of 9 children raised by a father who was a full time working artist. Growing up watching, and as a young man helping, his father make a living by selling his paintings, gave me the confidence that Jason’s program would be focused on exactly what I wanted.

Jason has a common sense, step-by-step, approach to preparing an artist to reach out to galleries for representation. The nation-wide research he asks of us to determine if our prices are compatible with comparable art was hugely useful and assuring. All next steps are just as valuable. He makes himself available and explains how every lesson adds to the whole of his educating an artist to become a commercially successful artist.

Recently an experienced and popular gallery in another state, in an entirely new market, accepted me. I’m thrilled. Thank you, Jason. I’m happy to talk further about Jason’s program to anyone who would like to contact me: www.kimthoman.com/contact

Kim Thoman
Artist, California


I enrolled in the Art Business Academy in May 2016, with a sincere commitment to revive my flagging art career. Less than a year later, I was half-way through the assignments, and had partnered with a half dozen galleries across Ontario, where my realistic style and subject matter (landscapes and close-ups of nature) were a perfect fit. I graduated from ABA in January 2018 and my art business success resulting from this outstanding course continues to exceed my expectations.

After about a year of working with my new galleries, getting to know each other, trying various subjects in different locations, and seeing what was striking a chord with collectors, I started seeing an increase in sales. The galleries provided excellent feedback, and it became evident that my wilderness landscapes of northern Canada were catching the attention of collectors. This realization coincided with my vacation trips north of Lake Superior and I started painting more northern lake scenery, inspired by this beautiful wild region full of rocks, pine trees, and water, reminiscent of the land of my childhood.

By this time, I had completed the ABA course and was continuing to build a following with my own daily marketing posts on Facebook and through my bi-weekly studio newsletters and my web site. I was producing more artwork, improving through constant practice, and galleries were starting to sell my work regularly. I finally felt like I was making art that mattered, that celebrated something worthy, and that people cared about. My annual sales of originals were triple what they had been before the ABA course, coming equally from 3 major channels: galleries, Facebook, and my newsletters.

Another couple of busy years passed and COVID-19 disrupted the whole world in early 2020. Galleries were closed for several months and I expected a long-lasting depression in art sales due to the pandemic, but I was wrong. My gallery partners beefed up their e-commerce web sites and social media promotions, and I continued my marketing efforts. Incredibly, sales of my paintings have increased during the pandemic. Perhaps my artwork provides an antidote to the isolation we are experiencing, and helps people reconnect with Nature. My fall 2020 painting workshops were cancelled so I made use of the extra painting time in my studio. I started a new series on northern skies (twilight, starlight, moonlight, and northern lights), which are being snapped up by my collectors. I can barely paint fast enough to keep up with demand and I had to increase my prices 3 times last year.

I know much of my current success is the result of my hard work, dedication, and persistence, but I must thank Jason for helping me find my professional focus and giving me the tools and encouragement to make my artistic dreams come true. I highly recommend the Art Business Academy, if you are serious about finding your true artistic voice and getting your artwork into the hands of people who love it.

Karen  Richardson
Artist, Ontario

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The Art Business Academy course for artists has been very beneficial for me and my art business. The videos accompanying each lesson are well tailored to each subject covered, and go into considerable depth. Although I had enrolled in a similar in-person course in the past presented by Artist Trust, I found the Art Business Academy course to be far more useful, up-to-date and that each lesson had very practical application in my own sculpture business.

The course provided me with the incentive to update my Artist Statement, Bio and Resume in a way that makes each more engaging for the reader. I am pleased to be coming away from the course with some very valuable marketing tools, which include my sculpture Portfolio on my iPad, a 64 page Art Book highlighting my most recent sculptures and a promotional video that I created and edited myself!

Jason’s advice about approaching galleries for representation was invaluable. Although I was already represented by a local gallery before signing up for the Art Business Academy course, his input and video gave me the confidence to approach galleries in Santa Fe, a much larger art market. The result was that I had two galleries say that they wanted to represent me. Later, even a third one called me and offered to represent me as well. So, in the end, I had three galleries offering to represent me in Santa Fe! I had been trying to broaden my gallery representation for nearly 5 years without success prior to that. In addition, I was able to gain representation shortly after that in another gallery in a resort art town in Washington State as well.


David Varnau
Sculptor, Washington

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Last September during the height of Covid, I decided it was a good time to improve my marketing skills. I had studied painting with an individual artist, never receiving any business education. After reading Jason’s Red Dot Blogs that were insightful and knowledgeable, I checked out the Art Business Academy. The first aspect that I loved was during the initial lessons Jason assessed whether your work was gallery ready, scoring you on consistency and presentation. I didn’t want to waste money on business skills if my work wasn’t sellable. My score was high so I continued with the program.

Each bi-weekly lesson came with an assignment to create marketing materials like a biography, artist’s statement, art portfolio etc. Additionally there were research assignments to assess galleries appropriate for my work. With many assignments, Jason provides files you can download that I could adapt to my needs. There is time you must invest to work through Jason’s program and it is all well spent. His encouragement along the way is invaluable!

In my case, after a month of submissions to galleries, I have one that wants to do a show next year and another that is an online gallery that wants to include my work. I’m still working on my goal of full time representation.

I am so pleased with the efficiency, affordability, and organization of Jason’s program. If you feel you don’t know where to start to market your work, I highly recommend you look into Jason’s Art Business Academy.

Kristina Henderson
Artist, Washington

I would recommend the Art Business Academy to any artist who feels ready to promote their own artwork and approach galleries. The course is wide-ranging, starting with the basics of time management, building a consistent body of work and pricing your work confidently. It then covers writing your artist statement, a biography and résumé, so that you feel well prepared to present your work to customers and galleries. The artwork statements in particular have really helped me to chat about the stories behind my paintings, and many customers have shown an increased interest because of this.

Students are encouraged to do very thorough research into galleries and I have been amazed by just how many galleries there are in Belgium, where I live. Jason teaches a method of systematically approaching galleries with a portfolio that looks professional and consistent. The method takes much of the fear out of submitting to galleries and is effective. I am delighted to have found a gallery that wants to work with me.

I have gained enormously from the lessons on selling artwork and am much more confident with clients because I understand the value of my own work. I have now started blogging and a couple of months’ ago I launched a newsletter.

Jason is always positive and encouraging and I have enjoyed getting to know the other artists in the academy during the weekly Zoom meetings. You gain so much from listening to the discussion around other artists’ questions as well as your own, and you grow in confidence as you join in with the conversations.
All in all, I have found the course interesting and engaging and I am very pleased to have followed it.

Beverley Johnson
Artist, Belgium

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I am thankful for signing up for the Art Business Academy. Each of the lessons and Jason’s continued support, including the online live sessions, has helped me fine tune many areas of my art business and obtain new gallery representation. The bi-weekly assignments are attainable and build on each other to have all things in place for dealing with clients and approaching galleries. Although I was successful selling my art before taking the course, it was time for me to expand into new venues and have all things in place which Jason helped me do, including updating my website and professional portfolio. It was great to have Jason to be accountable to as he is knowledgeable in the business while being encouraging and available for specific questions. He truly cares about helping artists progress in their careers. I recommend Jason’s ABA course.

Jane Appleby
Artist, Canada

I highly recommend ABA! I found that the lessons have helped me not only to get organized and to approach galleries, but also in how I define my goals and approach my work. I think it has made a big difference in my business practices, but even more so in my art.

I really appreciated not having to fork out the entire cost upfront, with the monthly payment system. Being able to work at my own pace and to take a break when I needed made it possible for me to commit to the course. There are definitely lessons that I’ve deferred acting on, but it is good to know that I can go back to review the material whenever I need to and that Jason will be there to answer my questions. I’m also very appreciative of the supportive community of artists that I’ve met through ABA.

It’s a lot of effort to approach galleries, and for me, especially difficult to do in person. However I’ve found that the techniques, scripts, and insights that Jason has given me have made it possible to enjoy the process that used to frighten me so much. I’ve been complimented by gallerists on the professionalism of my presentation materials, and even by other artists on my “bravery.” Now that I’ve had some success in obtaining gallery representation, I’m drawing on the lessons about building a strong gallery relationship.

Taking this course has definitely been worthwhile. Thanks, Jason!

Becca Lemon
Clay sculptor, Oregon

What does an aspiring artist seek the most in today’s confusing and competitive art market? For me this was real, up-to-date, how to, information that I could apply to my craft immediately with the goal of gaining gallery representation. In today’s world there is a lot of information available but it falls dramatically short of giving useful, no fluff information.

The Art Business Academy provided me with every piece of information that I needed in order to represent myself as a professional artist. The business of creating art and the art market has expectations that an artist needs to meet in order to be considered as a viable candidate for art galleries. Information such as the quality and consistency of the art from a gallery owner’s viewpoint, work ethics, pricing, the necessary written materials that accompany professional artists, websites, shipping, communication skills, and “how do I do this” type of questions are all answered in the ABA lessons, Zoom sessions, and available videos. The course is self-paced so no need to worry if you require more time to complete the lessons.

Jason teaches and guides you with a positive attitude, clear directions, and attainable goals. He amazingly shares all of his knowledge of the art business in a way that can only be taught by someone with years of real experience and current experience in the art market. This to me was very important. Jason knows of all the challenges and pitfalls artists and gallery owners encounter. He grew up with a father who is a professional artist and he has been a successful gallery owner of Xanadu Gallery in Scottsdale since 2009.

I am applying the information I am learning from the ABA and am carefully working through the lessons. I am pleased to say that I have professional gallery representation and the necessary knowledge and materials to continue to build my profession as an artist. I highly recommend these classes if you are serious about wanting to be a professional artist and wanting to be “seen” as a professional artist by galleries and those in the art market.


Karen Barton

Artist, Washington


I have to say that it was initially daunting to me, after several years away, to start over in my professional art career. I had moved from the Midwest where I had a moderately successful art career to the Park City, Utah area. Then my husband needed help with his business. Through it all though I painted and listened to many of Jason’s blog posts and mentorship programs.

At the beginning of this year I made the decision to re-invest myself back into my art and push through some old fears and boundaries. I believed Jason could help. So I signed up for the Art Business Academy and right away I felt I was on the right track.

Jason made me answer questions about myself, my art and my art career that cemented my decision to move ahead. With the bi-monthly lessons that helped and prodded me along and Jason’s one-on-one help, I was able to develop a more professional business approach to my work.

“I’m an artist! I don’t need to be organized, consistent and accountable – that’s part of being an artist!” was what I used to think. But when I realized that it was holding me back, I pushed through those old mind sets and set myself to work. That helped me to feel much more confident about my work and about approaching galleries.

Recently I sent over 70 emails to galleries and so far 4 have picked up my work, 2 more are considering adding me to their gallery roster. I have one in Park City, which was a goal I had when I moved here 3 years ago! I have to give all the credit to Jason and to the Art Business Academy in leading me through (and holding my hand at times), giving my work a professional business base from which to spring. Now I can’t wait to see where the future of my work will lead!


Karen Kurka Jensen
Artist, Utah

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If your an artist and somehow feel lost or stuck because you lack information on how to move forward with your art, than this course is for you. Artists can take a lot of classes and read a lot of books, but can somehow still feel stuck on how to move forward. This course, no matter what direction you are interested in going, will definitely help you to move forward with confidence.


Erica Moen

I found the Art Business Academy in the nick of time. I had been painting for 17 years and since the recession, my sales had decreased significantly and I was thinking of quitting art. An artist friend had mentioned ABA earlier but I wasn’t ready to start at that time. Plus, I had tried other programs/books etc for artists but didn’t find them that useful. Luckily for me, I found Jason and the ABA, again, just when I needed them!

I am a prolific painter but what good is that if the paintings hang in your studio?! Jason helped me get organized, develop a plan of action, create a cohesive body of work and gain confidence. He answered my questions in detail and provided templates and other written materials for the all important Artist’s Statement and Bio….I had struggled with these in the past. Also, he gave me thorough information and explanations regarding the art business and working with galleries. He has a unique insight into the art business; his father is a professional painter and Jason and his wife have owned a lovely, successful gallery for years. He sees all sides of the business and has done much research on selling techniques and marketing. I never ceased to be amazed by the depth of his knowledge and opinions derived from years in the business. There was never a lesson where I didn’t learn something.

Not only is Jason an expert in his field, but he is very generous with his time and knowledge. He always answered my extra emails and was available every Friday for a live art business session with artists. His answers were though full and complete, plus, he gave great advice and tips to improve my art work.

Because he loves the art business, he also has a mentor ship program for artists. This is where he chooses an artist from the many applicants to mentor. He hangs their work in his gallery, gives them an opportunity to give a public talk about their art and guide them through the process of marketing their work. I have applied for this twice and would love to get accepted because I know how valuable it would be.

In summary, during the course, I fell back in love with painting and color and am still going strong. I have had many good experiences selling my work since starting this program and will continue to follow his advice.


Molly Hargarten
Artist, Colorado


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Hearing about the Art Business Academy a year ago, I was intrigued but thought I wasn’t ready. Jason gently persuaded me to go ahead earlier in my art career rather than later — and that was great advice.

Because of the coursework, and Jason’s personal attention and feedback, I was able to clarify my goals, define a theme, and pull together a consistent, professional portfolio. I learned skills and found resources to get organized and become more productive. Most important, I was able to find galleries that would be interested in my work, and approach them with poise and confidence. My artwork is finding a body of collectors, I’m represented now by two galleries, and I am enjoying my life as an artist more than ever before.

It’s true the Art Business Academy is a significant commitment of time and effort. But every minute invested was worthwhile. Without it, I would have wasted years without finding my stride. The opportunity to learn from Jason has been invaluable.


Helen Rietz
Artist, Montana


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To Those in Need of a Roadmap:

I am pleased to offer a wholehearted recommendation of Xanadu Gallery’s Art Business Academy.

In the past, finding gallery representation seemed a daunting task. Then I found Xanadu’s free videos and RedDotBlog, devoured it all, and began applying what I was learning to my art business. These were so helpful that I started clicking around Xanadu’s site, looking for other helpful advice.

Luckily, I then found and joined the Art Business Academy. As I progressed through the lessons and had super helpful feedback from Jason, I began to see what the Academy is doing for me and my fellow classmates. This course is giving us a roadmap to follow, with clear instructions. It helps us make sense of the detours and wrong turns we’ve taken in the past, and gives us a compass to help avoid them in the future.

For me, the benefits have already been huge. The lessons and online sessions taught me how to be a professional in so many ways – how to price my work, present it, determine what is a consistent body of work, and what galleries are looking for. It demystified galleries. It helped me create not only a strong portfolio and collateral materials for presenting to gallery owners, but also helped me become more confident. He’s thought it all through.

As I’m writing this, I’m just about to start my physical approach to galleries. Yes, it’s still scary, but it’s no longer a daunting task. I’m ready, and I know what to do (and what not to do, equally important in gallery hunting!).

I am so thankful to Jason for putting his back into helping artists, for recognizing a need and then really delivering. I have no idea how he finds the time to respond to all of our questions and give us such honest and spot-on feedback, but I’m so glad he does. It’s made all the difference.

Good luck on your art journey. May you find your roadmap and may your compass be true.

Linda Ryan
Artist, California

p.s. – I hope to see you in the online sessions!


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The lessons in the Art Business Academy completely rewired my thinking about how to work towards achieving representation in a gallery, how to be a more focused and consistent painter, and how to better understand the art business from a sales perspective.

Looking back, it’s not an easy course. Your thinking will be challenged. Much of the coursework will become things that you’ll continue building on and refining for the rest of your art career.

The Art Business Academy is a road map for artists. I couldn’t have gotten where I am today without it.

Mark Rushton
Artist, Missouri

The Art Business Academy, created by Jason Horejs, is an amazing resource. I have been painting for many years now but never really worked at marketing my work. I would sell two to five paintings a year with an occasional large corporate sale and a few collectors who would buy two to five paintings at a time.

Then I had two major one person exhibitions return to my studio the same week. All of a sudden my studio was packed with paintings leaving a shortage of work space. I was following Red Dot Blog and saw the ABA ad, I decided it was time to get serious about marketing my work.

Using the lessons in the ABA course, Jason walks each student through the basic steps of creating a consistent body of work, developing a competitive pricing system along with a professional artist statement, biography and resume.

During the past fifteen months, with Jason’s help, I have created a professional portfolio, both digital and hard copy, to use to contact a series of galleries.
The response from galleries has been very positive, even when they were not accepting new artists at the time. I was accepted by two galleries in the area and asked to participate in exhibitions in these galleries. All responded with positive comments about my work and how well organized I was. Many asked me to resubmit at another time. The galleries I have visited in person with my hard portfolio have also commented on my organization.

I am also using ArtSala as an inventory program and every gallery has been impressed when I come in to deliver paintings with a printout of my consignment pieces.
While I still have much to learn, I feel that the ABA course has been invaluable.

Kathy Jones

My goal is to be recognized as a successful and accomplished artist that is represented by quality galleries. I am beginning to achieve my goals; and I have to thank Jason Horejs and his Art Business Academy for providing me the tools, knowledge and confidence to pursue them.

I followed what I learned from the Art Business Academy; and I am so excited that galleries have begun expressing interest in my work and in representing me. Through the course, you learn how to approach galleries, what questions to be prepared to answer and how to respond to these questions. I was thrilled when I finally had the opportunity to answer all the questions for a Denver, CO gallery owner. It was a good feeling to be asked the questions and more importantly, to know how to respond to them.

The Art Business Academy provides you instructional video lessons on a wide spectrum of topics designed to advance your art career, many of which I had not considered. Throughout the lessons, Jason provides you helpful, constructive feedback. The academy provides a roadmap to follow, with clear instructions and examples. You learn about marketing, sales, websites, advertising, blogs and so much more. As a result of the course, I improved the quality of my Artist Statement, Bio and Resume and gained an understanding of the gallery’s business operations, objectives and interaction with artists.

In summary, I believe the program is excellent and definitely worthwhile for all artists. I have learned and gained significant knowledge to assist me in my continued endeavors to pursue my art business / career. I recommend any artist who is serious about a career in art to take the worthwhile courses offered by Jason and the Art Business Academy.

Red (Linda) Harrison
Artist, Florida


The Art Business Academy format was what made this course so beneficial to me. This was my first online course experience. I really appreciated being able to work at my own pace plus the assignments were hands on and applicable to what I needed to know. It helped deflate my highly competitive nature and allowed me to focus on what was important to me in each lesson. The course also took the mystery out of galleries and made them human with business needs which I could relate to as well as helped me prepare what galleries need from the presentation and quality of work to personal documents. I read your book before the course and was excited with the challenges then found it disorienting not knowing how to proceed. The course provided the needed schedule or structure to accomplish all the tasks outlined in the book. In the end having done the work has helped build so much confidence which I didn’t have before the course.

If you are interested in gallery representation, this course is amazing. There are so many avenues to take in the art world. This course helped me direct my energy. I applied the information and assignments to my business to make choices about where I want to put my energy to push my art business forward.

Ashby Carlisle
Artist, Conneticut

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I had followed Reddot Blog for about 6 months and found it very helpful, then applied for the Mentorship Program, got to the 2nd round and then towards the end of that program I knew I wanted more and signed up for the Art Business Academy. I am currently half way through the Art Business Academy and have learned so much from the lessons and assignments so far, already accomplishing many of my goals of doing this course. I now have a professional and engaging artist biography, a resume, an artist statement and artwork statements.

After a gallery owner’s review of my artwork for quality and consistency I have put together a cohesive Portfolio and now have an detailed inventory tracker, appropriate pricing and a comprehensive list of target galleries. Overall I feel more a lot more focused and confident in my art and future art career.

ABA provides you with the critical tools and knowledge needed to approach galleries professionally and confidently, along with invaluable insights into various areas of the art business which an artist needs to be successful. Within 7 months, I was submitting to Galleries and 3 weeks thereafter, I secured gallery representation with my first gallery and I’m now on a mission to acquire representation at a 2nd gallery.

As a part time artist, with a full time day job, I find the ABA is very accommodating to a busy schedule, taking lessons at my own pace and listening to replays of question and answer sessions when time permits. The ABA will provide a solid foundation for your art business and Jason instills the focus and determination needed to push your art career forward. He is very knowledgeable and has a wealth of information, giving fair, level headed advice from both the artist and gallery owner’s perspectives. If you’re prepared to devote the time and effort to this Academy, it is so worthwhile and you will see results, and it’s also interesting and fun along the way.

Noelle McCarthy
Artist, Florida

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When I began seriously painting again, after many years hiatus, I had no idea where to begin. The painting came easy. It is my calling, my life. But how would I sell my work? How would anyone even know my art existed?

One day while browsing the internet, I saw a blog from Xanadu Gallery (Red Dot Blog) and begin reading. Eventually I read about the Art Business Academy. Being the overly cautious and mildly cynical person I am, it took me a while to join something I wasn’t sure would help me with my goals, or even help me define them, because if I didn’t know where I was going with this, how could Jason help me?

Now, I am mostly through the Academy lessons and happy to say I have found gallery representation. I am painting more than ever and I am more confident in my ability to communicate with gallery directors and art collectors. I feel being guided through the hoops, as opposed to trying to jump them on my own, was an important factor in putting myself out there. I am very goal oriented and driven, but I needed information, tools, and a few clues of what to expect and how to garner attention for my work, all of which I feel Jason’s lessons helped me do.

I highly recommend the Art Business Academy, as it has really helped me consistently create work, achieve many of my goals, connect me with other artists, and has given me the support and encouragement I have needed to believe in myself. I still have a ways to go, but I feel I have also come a long way already. I appreciate Jason’s perspective as a gallery owner, but I also think he genuinely cares about the artist’s in the Academy.

Rebecca Sobin
Artist, Montana

If you know you want to make art and sell it this is the course for you. I would say “Go for it”. The course is full of really practical and useful information. And having actual feedback and help with questions is invaluable.


Lisa Sabo Brown

Much like the Wizard behind the curtain and the locked gates of the Emerald City, the world of representation galleries and art directors remained a mystery to me. Although I had been exhibiting my work in galleries for some time, the idea of seeking gallery representation outside of my local geographical area intimidated me. But Jason Horejs and the Art Business Academy (ABA) changed all of that.

Throughout the course, I learned to assess my work from the perspective of a prospective gallery owner; to create a compelling portfolio, biography, artist’s statement and resume; structure my studio, inventory and accounting in order to accommodate a larger and broader business; and to build and maintain an enthusiastic fan base of collectors and gallerists.

Although my husband owns a successful small business, there are so many principles that are particular to the art world that I had not yet considered when I decided to pursue art full-time.

As a student in ABA, I received invaluable personal feedback, and recommendations for tailoring my presentation and cultivating my relationships with galleries and collectors.

I had enrolled in various types of online courses in the past, but none of those courses ever offered the kind of thorough and personalized feedback that Jason gives his ABA students. Jason is truly a gifted teacher who genuinely cares about his students’ success.

Quite honestly, I cannot praise Jason and his academy enough. ABA simply offers an outstanding art business mentorship program.

My only regret? I wish I had received this kind of art business training years ago.

Jason not only gave me the tools but also the confidence to seek representation in art markets outside of my immediate area. In fact, ABA most certainly enabled me to recently secure representation in an extraordinary gallery.

If you are looking to transform your art passion into a successful, long-term career, look no further. There’s no place you’ll feel more at home than at Art Business Academy. –Lynn Abbott, Artist

Lynn Abbott
Artist, California

When I retired from teaching Art a few years ago, I wanted to pursue painting full time and find a gallery to represent me.  Like many artists, I didn’t know exactly how to market my work.  So I joined the Xanadu Business Academy where I learned, step-by-step, how to set up a portfolio, website, bio, resume, blog, newsletter, etc, and how to approach galleries.  Jason Horejs is a successful gallery owner in Scottsdale, AZ, and the expert I was looking for to be my teacher. The Xanadu Business Academy, and Jason’s personal advice was spot-on in every respect.  What I learned in the lessons helped me enormously, and gave me the confidence to approach gallery owners. I now am represented by my first gallery.  My advice: if you are looking for the best, check out Xanadu Gallery’s Art Business Academy.

Evelyn Verhey

My experience in the Art Business Academy has given me confidence to approach galleries and apply for solo shows. I now have really good base promotional pieces to send to galleries and have a clear understanding of galleries look for in an artist.

I have used my finished lesson work which includes portfolio, statement, bio and resume a number of times and been easily able to tailor my portfolio to different galleries.

This is a course that should be given in art schools but isn’t. It is a foundation course for being a professional artist in today’s changing environment.

Nancy Ness


If you’re serious about obtaining gallery representation, then the Art Business Academy is a must. The lessons are practical, relevant, and building blocks towards success. Within one year as an Art Business Academy student, I obtained gallery representation. If you want to present yourself in a professional manner, obtain representation and learn how to maintain your gallery relationships, then I encourage you to enroll in the Art Business Academy.

Michelina Williamson
Artist, Ontario


Fiona Beuchampt

“Before I was mentored by Jason, I was not in any galleries. Now I am in two and have prospects for others. I was ready for the gallery-scene with the years of painting and having my personal style, but Jason had to take me by the hand and lead me into the correct process of creating my online portfolio, and researching and submitting to galleries. “

Heidi Harner
Artist, Indiana

Fiona Beuchampt

“Jason pushed me to do the things that needed to be done to successfully gain gallery representation. I am now in a wonderful gallery in Charleston, South Carolina, and working on another one. I have gained confidence with my art, and am not afraid to approach galleries. With Jason’s help my portfolio looks professional. It really helps to project a polished image of yourself and your art when trying to gain gallery representation.”

Terri Myer
Artist, St. Louis, MO

“I wanted to thank you again for the one-on-one mentorship last year. I was out in Colorado again from my Maryland home, participating in the juried Plein Air Rockies event for the second year. I spent a couple days on arrival from Denver at the beautiful Broadmoor in Colorado Springs. Here’s my news—last year, they were ‘interested,’ this year the Broadmoor Galleries signed me! So…after all this work to get a Western gallery for the Western oil landscapes I create, I have a wonderful gallery!”

Claudia Brookes
Artist, Maryland

“THANK you Jason! I sent out my first gallery approaches week before last. I sent out to my top five choices in the local metro area and got two responses (one was ‘we will look at it and get back to you’). One was very positive and they took eleven paintings on consignment.”

Mary Charles Churchill-Nash
Artist, North Carolina

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