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For Art Business Academy Students, new lessons become available every two weeks. Access the lessons as long as your enrollment remains active. Return to this page to access new material as it becomes available


Art Business Fundamentals

Lesson #1 | Defining Success – Career Assessment and Goal Setting

Lesson #2 | Creating Collector and Gallery-Worthy Artwork – Quality Assessment

Lesson #3 | Cultivating a Consistent Body of Artwork – Consistency Assessment

Lesson #4 | Productivity and Time Management – Studio Practices

Lesson #5 | An Organized Artist is a Successful Artist

Lesson #6 | Pricing your Art to Optimize for Sales and Profit – Pricing Assessment

Lesson #7 | Crafting a Compelling Biography – Biography Primer, Design

Lesson #8 | Engaging Clients through Artist’s Statement and Artwork Statements – Statement Primers

Lesson #9 | Enhancing Your Resume – Fundamental Concepts of Resume Writing, Layout and Design

Lesson #10 | Powering Up Your Portfolio – Image Order, Design and Format

Lesson #11 | Artist Website Fundamentals – Design, Layout and Updating

Successfully Approaching Galleries

Lesson #12 | Gallery Research

Lesson #13 | Gallery Approaches/Follow-up

Lesson #14 | Establishing a Successful Long-term Relationship With a Gallery

Lesson #15 | Gallery Readiness Checklist and Long-Term Strategy to Building Relationships with Galleries

The Fine Art of Selling Art

Lesson #16 | An Introduction to Art Salesmanship

Lesson #17 | Building Relationships with Your Clients

Lesson #18 | Creating Experiences for Collectors by Telling Stories

Lesson #19 | Closing the Sale

Lesson #20 | Helping Your Clients Resolve Their Concerns

Lesson #21 | The Art of Negotiation

Lesson #22 | Following up to Make More Sales

Lesson #23 | Transforming Buyers into Collectors

Building Successful Long Term Relationships with Galleries

Lesson #24 | Channels of Communication – Turning Gallery Owners into Fans

Lesson #25 | Keeping Your Inventory Fresh – Artwork Rotation

Lesson #26 | How Galleries Operate – Artist Selection, Accounting and Artist Payment, Show Selection

Enhanced Marketing

Lesson #27 | Direct Mail

Lesson #28 | Magazine Advertising

Lesson #29 | Facebook Marketing

Lesson #30 | Email Marketing

Lesson #31 | Blogging

Long-Term Success

Lesson #32 | Taking the Leap – Going Full-time with Your Art

Ongoing Education

Lesson OE #1 | Fundamentals of Presentations and Public Speaking

Lesson OE #2 | Public Art

Lesson OE #3 | Publishing an Art Book

Lesson OE #4 | Diversifying Your Income

Lesson OE #5 | Creating Art Promotional Video


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